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FREE Socks

(While Supplies Last)

These novelty socks, are yours FREE if your shipped order SUBTOTAL (after any discounts but before shipping and tax) is $149 or more. This is a $2.49 value that is yours FREE.

If your order subtotal is $149 or over, just choose your Sock color and size below, add it to your shopping cart and we'll do the rest!

(Please Note: You cannot return this for a credit or refund. If you return any items on your order and it makes the original order subtotal fall below $149 then you will be charged $2.49 for the socks if it is not returned in original condition.

If we are unable to ship an item on your order, you must substitute the non-shipped item with another item to keep your order subtotal on or above $149 to still qualify for the free socks.)

ONLY ONE FREE ITEM ALLOWED for orders $149 and over.

If multiple free items are found on your shopping cart, the additional free items will be removed from your order.

Closeout Pricing - Starting at:

Women 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22
Full Size Chart


Going in Circles Pink

Going in Circles Solid Green

Going in Circles Solid Pink

Ink Platter Pink

Ink Splatter Blue

Ink Splatter Purple

Ink Splatter Solid Pink

Ink Splatter Solid Purple

Orange Tie-Dye

Pink Ribbon

Mon - Fri: 9 AM to 6 PM CST
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